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Introduction Of Urea Phosphate



  Urea phosphate, also known as urea phosphate or urea phosphate, is a feed additive for ruminants which is superior to urea and can provide non-protein nitrogen and phosphorus at the same time. Foreign countries have successfully developed and applied in the 1970s, and its safety and effectiveness have been confirmed. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) document "Nutrition of Non-protein Nitrogen and Ruminants" clearly states that urea phosphate can be used as feed additive for ruminants. In order to promote the application of urea phosphate in China, urea phosphate is regarded as a key development and promotion project of the Eighth Five-Year Plan.

Urea phosphate

[Chemical formula] CO(NH2)2.H3PO4. Color Molecular Structure Map

Urea phosphate

Urea phosphate salt; UP; urea phosphate (1:1)

[Structure or Molecular Formula]

[Melting Point ()) 117.3

[Toxic LD50 (mg/kg)]

It is a low toxic substance.


Colorless transparent prismatic crystal.


It is soluble in water, acidic in water, insoluble in ethers, toluene and carbon tetrachloride.


It is an excellent feed additive and can provide two nutrients, phosphorus and non-protein nitrogen (urea nitrogen), for livestock (especially ruminants). It is also a high concentration nitrogen-phosphorus compound fertilizer, and can be used as flame retardant, metal surface treatment agent, fermentation nutrient, cleaning agent and auxiliary agent for purifying phosphoric acid. [preparation or source]

It is obtained by reacting wet phosphoric acid with urea solution, or by reacting dilute phosphoric acid with urea.

The finished product of urea phosphate was prepared by reaction of urea with phosphoric acid solution, concentration of solution, centrifugal separation and drying.